Pancakes, Pancakes!

Today in class, C-Level made apple pancakes for A Week. Ms. Mae & Ms. Doris helped the children add flour, egg, oil, applesauce and water to make the batter. They took turns mixing the ingredients until all was blended and ready to be placed on the skillet. As the batter was cooking, the children read Pancakes, Pancakes! during circle time. The time had come to enjoy their delicious creation. Students topped off their hard-work with some tasty syrup! 

Ranger Mike

In celebration of this month's theme (Water, Water Everywhere!) Ranger Mike came in to talk to the children all about water and our environment. He showed us how rainfall and runoff water collects different things in the city than in the forest.

We then talked about how it is important not to litter and how we should always recycle when we can! He also brought some Ranger gear to try on.

We had lots of fun learning about water with Ranger Mike! Check out the photos below.

C-level Cinnamon Toast

Yum! Today C-level made some cinnamon toast for their morning snack! They spread butter on their own piece of bread and then sprinkled some cinnamon sugar on top. Our cook, Ms. Tiana, toasted the pieces and then they were enjoyed by all.


Tortoises, guinea pigs and tenrecs, oh my! Today the SF Zoomobile visited Mother Goose and brought along some cute critters for us to see. We learned that a giant desert tortoise eats cacti  and that a tenrec is a mini hedgehog from Madagascar. We love to learn about animals in an interactive environment. Thanks Zoomobile!!

Paper Making Project

For Valentine's Day this year, the whole School participated in a fun and educational paper-making project with Ms. Emily! The classes took turns shredding old paper, blending it up and then pressing it out into new, original pieces. They added glitter and flowers and formed it into different shapes. A special shout out to our parent volunteers for helping each class out!

Fruit Salad! Yummy! Yummy!

As January comes to an end, we wrap up our theme of Health and Nutrition by making some tasty fruit salad. B-Easters each brought in a different fruit to cut up and contribute. There were apples, cantaloupe, grapes and so much more! We love creating yummy and healthy snacks.

Practice Preparedness

B-West practices what to do during an earthquake. It's always important to practice what to do in an emergency (especially SF earthquakes!) Our School also practices monthly fire drills with the fire department. Talk to your child about what to do in an emergency at home and you can even have your own practice drills. If you would like to know more about Mother Goose Emergency Protocols, just ask our office!

S is for Sharing Stone Soup

Have you ever read the story of stone soup? It's all about strangers coming together to create a magic soup from just a stone (and a little help from everyone). D-level reenacted that same story this week! They each brought in a vegetable they wanted to contribute to the soup. Then they all practiced cutting up the veggies and added it to the single stone in the pot. Two days later, it was cooked and ready! Everyone had a blast eating and sharing their stone soup. 

Sharing and Caring

December's theme reminds us to share and care. B-West gave us some examples of how to do this! You can share blocks with your friend to help them build a tower, comfort a friend who is sad or help to clean up toys. There is so much we can do to share and care with each other! Can you brainstorm some more ways this holiday season?

Pumpkin Volcanoes

As fall comes to an end, B-Easters celebrate by performing a science experiment on their classroom Jack-O-Latern. They each took turns swooping out the seeds with their hands and smelling the fall-harvest scent. They then tasted the seeds that were baked special for snack time. And for the grande finale, they made a mini volcano inside of the pumpkin for the afternoon! Check out the poster in the office for even more pictures.

Spooktacular Halloween Show 2017

We hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! Thank you so much to all the parents, family and friends who came to watch our students perform. They had been practicing hard and did a terrific job. Please check out the video below if you didn't get a chance to come or if you just want a reminder of how cute Halloween can really be :)

Ms.Diana's Circus Extravaganza

Come one, come all to the Circus Extravaganza! D and E Level put on a terrific Circus Show for C-Level this afternoon. There was magic and lion-taming and tightrope-walking and silliness galore! Please check out the video below.