Children’s Resilience

We enjoyed seeing many of your faces at Parent’s Night, and enjoyed speaking with many of you about the development of your child/children.

Children are amazing! I am surprised daily by their compassion, knowledge, and joy for life. The diversity of children’s experiences and responses to change, transition, and adjustment are all a normal part of their developing understanding of what it means to be in school, to separate from adults they love, and to make connections with new adults and with children they are learning to call friends.  The way in which an individual child responds to shifts and changes will continue to cycle through periods of equilibrium and disequilibrium all the way through childhood and into adulthood.  

As teachers and as parents of children of all ages, it is our job and our joy to discover and support the unique ways in which our children navigate these cycles throughout their lives.  And in the words of Hope Reeves who recently wrote an article about preschool separation in the New York Times Magazine, remember through the process that, “they, you, we, all of us, will be fine!”