Staying Healthy During The Winter Season

Young children have charming characteristics, including curiosity, impulsiveness, and a desire to explore. As young children explore their surroundings, the likelihood of coming into contact with germs and infection, increases.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has stated firmly “proper washing of hands is the most important strategy in the prevention of disease.” Clean hands limit the spread of diarrhea, staph infection, eye infection, colds, and gastrointestinal (stomach) diseases common in early childhood programs.

The more often you wash hands, the more likely it will be that you and the children will stay healthy.

Ask your children when they wash their hands at Mother Goose School?

The children should reply, we wash our hands before and after coming in from the outdoors, doing activities, before and after eating, when we cough and sneeze, and use the restroom.

Please encourage ALL of your children to wash their hands often to promote a healthy school environment.

Thank you for your cooperation with encouraging your children to stay healthy.