Our City of San Francisco

This month the theme at Mother Goose School was Our City of San Francisco. As we all know we are all very lucky to be living in such a beautiful city and are even luckier to have such amazing people working for the city of San Francisco. This month the children were lucky enough to have presentations from the San Francisco Recology, the SFPD, and the SFFD. The children love having visitors at school and they especially loved learning about their jobs in the city of San Francisco.

The first visit the children had was by the Recology department, a representative from Recology came in to teach the children all there was to know about keeping San Francisco clean. The children had fun learning what went into each bin and how to make the environment more friendly.

 The second visit we had at Mother Goose School was by the San Francisco Police Department. It was an especially exciting visit for the children because they sat inside of an actual police car. The children had a blast sitting in the front seat and using the police intercoms. They liked hearing from the officers on how they keep the city safe and tips to help the children if they are ever in trouble.

The last visit we had for the month of November was from the San Francisco Fire Department. The children were extremely excited to learn how to stop, drop, and roll and what to do in a fire. They learned a lot from Firefighter D and were captivated by his uniform. The children loved all the visits and had fun learning about jobs that help our city of San Francisco. The month of November has been great thanks to our visitors! We were grateful for their visits!