Right of Passage

As we progress into the scholastic year we wanted to emphasis a right of passage each student follows as they transition to school leaving behind “baby things”. The children are growing up and thus need to move beyond the items that are considered to be for babies. They are now considered to be “big boys” and “big girls”; it is time for them to give up security blankets, pacifiers, bottles, or sippy cups. It is a milestone that each child must go through, even though they might resist it. All these items are no longer needed by children but rather represent security for them. However, school is no place for security blankets, pacifiers, bottles, or sippy cups! The children are growing and as such their behavior should represent that. It might be hard to have children resist these items but there are efficient techniques that can make this process less strenuous. According to Nancy Schulman and Ellen Birnbaum authors of Practical Wisdom for Parents, recommend the gradual weaning off of these items. A tip that they recommend for parents is to start leaving these items at home whenever going out, making it a gradual process for them to eventually not need them even at home. They also recommend that when it comes to security blankets to cut a small piece off so the child still feels the comfort of the blanket without needing the whole thing. When it comes to bottles or sippy cups the authors recommend transitioning to water instead of milk so that the child will want it less. It is also recommended to refrain from using bottles or sippy cups since they can cause tooth decay, speech impediments, and impedes with toilet training. Children are growing and as such their behavior should reflect that. They now can transition to their school setting without the assistance of these security items.