New Crops!

This has been an exciting month at Mother Goose School. Not only did we get a new crop of students we also got new crops from our garden. As you may remember in our previous post or from just walking past the yard, we started a garden in June and it has really flourished. Our bounty has been so successful that we have been able to incorporate it into the School’s meals! We planted some basil in June and we were able to harvest a good amount. Our cook was able to make it into yummy pesto pasta, which all the children raved about.  The children in B-west have loved the experience of growing pea pods and being able to enjoy the veggies as a snack. D-level had a great activity with the garden as well. They harvested the lettuce that had grown and made their own sandwiches for sandwich day. It was a great experience for the students to be able to pick out what they would be eating. It made the whole process of trying new foods more fun and enjoyable. The children are seeing the garden as an exciting and fulfilling experience, we may even have future botanist on our hands!