Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Hope all the families of MGS had an amazing holiday with all of their loved ones. We are so glad to see everyone return. If during the last year there have been any changes in information, please let us know. These changes can include an address change, phone number change, or updated immunization report; we want to keep all the children’s files as up to date as possible in case of an emergency. We hope that this year is even better than last and in doing so we have some New Year resolutions that would be great for the children.

1) Getting to School on time. This is a great start not only to the New Year but for every day.

2) Having the children walk in and out of School instead of being carried.

3) Setting up some responsibilities for the children like having them carry their jacket or their book to School every day.

4) Picking out their clothes the night before School. This is a great resolution for the children to begin, not only does it promote creativity but it also sets up independent skills and it takes less time to get to get ready each morning.

5) Unplugging from electronics. Though electronics such as ipads and iphones can be good distractions, it limits them from enjoying their surroundings. Focus instead on playing outside or reading a book.

6) Eating as a family. Making family discussions a priority will promote better eating habits and reduce the likelihood of obesity.

7) Enjoy not only the milestones but the every day moments. Children grow up way too fast and we are often left wondering where the time went, so enjoy every second of it!

Committing to some of these resolutions would be a great way of ensuring growth in the children, and remember…

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.” – Brad Paisley