I See Green!

Even though the theme of the month was rhyme time the color for the month seemed to be green. We had a number of fun and exciting activities this month from “green eggs and ham”, to a leprechaun hunt and a garden activity. There was never a dull moment this month.          

To keep with the month’s theme and commemorate Dr. Seuss, D-level made green eggs and ham. They had a blast mixing all the ingredients and having the new experiences of trying green food. D-level also took a poll on whether green eggs and ham were a hit or a miss.  The verdict was that it was definitely a hit!           

The leprechaun hunt was the epitome of fun! The children had a “leprechaun” come visit them the week of St. Patrick’s Day and he caused a lot of mischief. The children created wanted posters and came up with ideas on how to capture the leprechaun. Luckily D-level was able to capture the leprechaun and secure its treasure.

B-West the gardeners of our school also had some green activity picking vegetables from the garden. B-West was able to cultivate carrots from the garden and donated them to the kitchen for everyone to enjoy. The children in Ms. Carolyn’s class have enjoyed the garden immensely and are definitely getting green thumbs!