Community at Mother Goose School

This year is a special one here at Mother Goose School. This spring marks the 65th year anniversary of Mother Goose School. In 1951 Yvonne Hemberger opened this School where it stands today. And now as the curriculum coordinator, Emily Hemberger, Yvonne’s granddaughter, is working with teachers, students, and staff as the Director of Curriculum. We are also proud to mention that there have always been a member of the student body who has a parent who attended here. There are six students currently enrolled at Mother Goose School who are legacies. Few Centers in San Francisco can proudly make this statement. It is wonderful to see generations of families attend our School. Often we welcome many of our former students when they come by to visit over the summer. They enjoy seeing the playground and classrooms remembering their early years of School. We enjoy hearing about their successes!