Animals and Habitats

February's theme was Animals and Habitats. The students participated in many fun and educational projects including a visit from the ZooMobile earlier this month! A couple classes also participated in a Habitat Challenge, using extra materials found at MGS to create an interactive habitat. Please check out C-Level's creation below, a river habitat with so many opportunities to learn from!

Fun Fruit Critters

This Friday, Mother Goose students had the chance to create their own tasty (and crawly) snacks! They used fruits to create caterpillars, snails, butterflies, and spiders. They had a great time making their snacks look fun. And an even better time eating them after!

Health and Nutrition

January's monthly theme was Health and Nutrition. To help us learn about the different food groups and making healthy choices, the classes participated in various cooking projects. A Level learned how to make toast with jelly. C Level made their own sandwiches for lunchtime. And E Level students brought in a variety fruits to make a fruit salad. Our students love to learn about the foods they eat and make tasty treats!

Ms. Kit

Dear Mother Goose School Families,

We are writing to notify you that after 25 years working as a teacher at Mother Goose School, Ms. Kit has officially informed us of her plans to retire. We are sad to see Ms. Kit leave our Program.

As many of you know, Ms. Kit has worked in all of our classrooms at Mother Goose School and has been an important member of our team throughout the years. She will be missed by all.

Ms. Kit writes:

“I am eternally grateful to Mr. Dana and Ms. Susan for letting me work here. I really enjoyed being here and working with the children. I won’t forget having fun, laughter and joy. I would like to thank Mother Goose and the parents for their support.”

Ms. Kit is a thoughtful, caring educator who has supported her constituents, nurtured hundreds of students and offered sound advice to parents throughout her teaching career. Ms. Kit’s last day working will be January 31, 2017.

Our students and staff will miss her positive energy and cooperative contributions to our program. Our goal is to make Ms. Kit a scrapbook with photos and messages from the School community. The students will be working on this in class. Please let us know if you would like to contribute to this effort.

We all warmly wish Ms. Kit good fortune and much happiness in her retirement.

Mother Goose School

Our Vision

The Mother Goose Staff has worked hard to create a vision for the school and all those who attend. Please check it out on our new Vision page.

Here at Mother Goose School we value our community of learners. We believe in fostering positive social emotional learning to build a positive school climate that will allow for our children to grow academically.


We are a resourceful, flexible community of learners and partners for the benefit of the family and school community in a nurturing partnership.

  • We use positive communication in our partnership between staff and family to guide your child’s development and offer educational and social-emotional opportunities to enable us to grow together
  • We help each other learn about our students. This enables us to become more proficient in fostering growth and independent thought and action in our children.

Social Emotional Learning

We believe in helping children to build positive relationships through social-emotional & self-regulation skills.

  • We empower children to explore their interests and support safe risk taking to strengthen confidence and competence.
  • We support children in their development of internal motivation and independent problem solving.

School Climate/Environment

Our semi-structured, inclusive preschool environment is based on trusting and respectful relationships among students and adults.

  • We want to provide an environment to match your child’s developmental abilities by providing realistic expectations with appropriate challenges.
  • We value consistency between home and School environments for the benefit of each child. 
  • Above all, our goal for School is to have fun!


Our curriculum features a variety of essential skill building activitiesthat develop a foundation supporting success for children in public and private elementary schools.

  • This includes literacy, social studies, math, science, (garden, cooking, health & nutrition) the arts (music, movement, dance, drama, listening and speaking skills) and dramatic, sensory and creative play.


Holiday Show

The whole School celebrated before the break by performing in the Holiday Show. Each level sang a couple festive songs for all of our parents and guests! They then came together in a grand finale with the whole School singing together. They did a great job spreading the Holiday cheer! Please enjoy a small clip of E Level as they sing below.

Sharing and Caring Party

The December theme continues with A and C Level throwing a sharing and caring party last week! A Level made their friends smoothies and C Level made gingerbread cookies. They enjoyed them together in a holiday style feast!

Sharing and Caring

A-Level Loves to Share

This month’s theme is Sharing and Caring. A-Level showed us how to be great sharers! Each child brought in a toy or a book or an object that started with the letter O (the letter of the week). They did a wonderful job sharing with all their friends!


For L week the A-Level class learned about how to make lemonade. They took turns adding the ingredients, squeezing the lemons and tasting lemonade. They had a great time! A-Level loves lemonade!

D-Level Class Elections!

Today, D-Level had their own class election! Two students ran for class president, gave speeches, campaigned and then their peers voted. Just another way we celebrate this month's theme as Community Helpers!

Emergency Preparedness

This month our staff has been working on Emergency Preparedness! We spent Staff Development Day reviewing staff responsibilities for emergencies such as Earthquakes, Fires, Evacuations and more.

This Tuesday, the San Francisco Fire Department came and helped us practice how to perform a fire drill. We evacuated the building calmly. Our students and staff were very cooperative and calm. The SFFD will continue to visit us monthly throughout the school year. This Thursday, we will have an earthquake drill. We are teaching the children to stop, drop, cover and hold. We are also showing them where the safe and dangerous places are during an earthquake. Families are encouraged to discuss these procedures at home.

Suzy Q, the Clown!

In the spirit of Circus Month, we welcomed Suzy Q, the clown into our silly little circus. Suzy Q came ready to share her jokes, "magic tricks," and high energy happiness! The children were full of belly laughs and squeals as Suzy Q put on her show. She ended her show by instructing C-E Level in their own clown school. She led them in a series of dramatic play activities on the yard. They had a great time!  There wasn't a sad face in the house!

Community at Mother Goose School

This year is a special one here at Mother Goose School. This spring marks the 65th year anniversary of Mother Goose School. In 1951 Yvonne Hemberger opened this School where it stands today. And now as the curriculum coordinator, Emily Hemberger, Yvonne’s granddaughter, is working with teachers, students, and staff as the Director of Curriculum. We are also proud to mention that there have always been a member of the student body who has a parent who attended here. There are six students currently enrolled at Mother Goose School who are legacies. Few Centers in San Francisco can proudly make this statement. It is wonderful to see generations of families attend our School. Often we welcome many of our former students when they come by to visit over the summer. They enjoy seeing the playground and classrooms remembering their early years of School. We enjoy hearing about their successes!

I See Green!

Even though the theme of the month was rhyme time the color for the month seemed to be green. We had a number of fun and exciting activities this month from “green eggs and ham”, to a leprechaun hunt and a garden activity. There was never a dull moment this month.          

To keep with the month’s theme and commemorate Dr. Seuss, D-level made green eggs and ham. They had a blast mixing all the ingredients and having the new experiences of trying green food. D-level also took a poll on whether green eggs and ham were a hit or a miss.  The verdict was that it was definitely a hit!           

The leprechaun hunt was the epitome of fun! The children had a “leprechaun” come visit them the week of St. Patrick’s Day and he caused a lot of mischief. The children created wanted posters and came up with ideas on how to capture the leprechaun. Luckily D-level was able to capture the leprechaun and secure its treasure.

B-West the gardeners of our school also had some green activity picking vegetables from the garden. B-West was able to cultivate carrots from the garden and donated them to the kitchen for everyone to enjoy. The children in Ms. Carolyn’s class have enjoyed the garden immensely and are definitely getting green thumbs!

It was a zoo this month...literally!

The theme of the month was Animals/Habitats. We had an amazing visit from the San Francisco ZooMobile. The children were overjoyed with the animals! The children met an opossum, a chinchilla, a porcupine, a tortoise, and a ferret. Oh my! While some grown ups might not be thrilled to see some of these animals in person, the children could not contain their excitement! Some even exclaimed that they were “SO cute!” They learned some interesting facts and details about each animal. The zoo keeper answered all their questions and they had a great time. This visit really showcased how patient and caring the children at MGS are. They were very concerned about the animals and about being very quiet so as to not scare them. Petting the animals and seeing them up close is something that they will not quickly forget.

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Hope all the families of MGS had an amazing holiday with all of their loved ones. We are so glad to see everyone return. If during the last year there have been any changes in information, please let us know. These changes can include an address change, phone number change, or updated immunization report; we want to keep all the children’s files as up to date as possible in case of an emergency. We hope that this year is even better than last and in doing so we have some New Year resolutions that would be great for the children.

1) Getting to School on time. This is a great start not only to the New Year but for every day.

2) Having the children walk in and out of School instead of being carried.

3) Setting up some responsibilities for the children like having them carry their jacket or their book to School every day.

4) Picking out their clothes the night before School. This is a great resolution for the children to begin, not only does it promote creativity but it also sets up independent skills and it takes less time to get to get ready each morning.

5) Unplugging from electronics. Though electronics such as ipads and iphones can be good distractions, it limits them from enjoying their surroundings. Focus instead on playing outside or reading a book.

6) Eating as a family. Making family discussions a priority will promote better eating habits and reduce the likelihood of obesity.

7) Enjoy not only the milestones but the every day moments. Children grow up way too fast and we are often left wondering where the time went, so enjoy every second of it!

Committing to some of these resolutions would be a great way of ensuring growth in the children, and remember…

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.” – Brad Paisley