Spooktacular Halloween Show 2017

We hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! Thank you so much to all the parents, family and friends who came to watch our students perform. They had been practicing hard and did a terrific job. Please check out the video below if you didn't get a chance to come or if you just want a reminder of how cute Halloween can really be :)

Ms.Diana's Circus Extravaganza

Come one, come all to the Circus Extravaganza! D and E Level put on a terrific Circus Show for C-Level this afternoon. There was magic and lion-taming and tightrope-walking and silliness galore! Please check out the video below.

Suzy Q: Just Clowning Around

This Friday, Suzy Q visited Mother Goose School for her annual magic show! The children dressed in their silliest outfits and brought their biggest smiles to the performance. They giggled the entire time and the older children even got to attend a special Clown School. We love Circus Month!

A-Level: Do YOU love to share your U's?

This Friday, our A-Levelers each brought in something to share that started with the letter U for U-Week. They brought in ukuleles, utensils, uncles and even the universe. They took turns sharing their U's with their friends and each did an unbelievable job sharing and listening. 

Smoothies for S-Week

A-Level made some scrumptious strawberry-banana smoothies for S-Week! They took turns adding the fruit to the blender and helping to pour the milk. They then practiced a very important s-skill, sharing! They made plenty of smoothies to bring around the School and offer to teachers. They had a fun time sharing with friends and then slurping down their strawberry smoothies after!

Beatles Babes World Tour

Welcome one and all to St. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (aka D-Level)! Ms.Diana's class has been working hard for the past couple weeks, rehearsing some of the most beloved songs from the Beatles. They got their instruments together, dressed in their best retro attire and put on aperformance that would make John, Paul, George and Ringo proud!

Multicultural Show

Thanks to all the families for attending our annual Multicultural Show last week! It was a great turn out and the children put on a wonderful show. Please enjoy a clip of E-Level singing "Kookaburra" below; an Australian song about the native bird.

Tasty Tortillas

B-West loves snack time and an opportunity to learn about different cultures. On Cinco de Mayo, they talked about what types of food people eat in Mexican culture. Then they celebrated with some yummy tortillas for snack time.

C-level Certified Ornithologists

Mr.Phill came in to teach C-level about the wonderful world of birds! They learned about different types of birds and how they camouflage themselves in their environment. They also discovered what kinds of food each one eats. We love to learn new things here at Mother Goose!

E is for Egg-cellent Eggplant Casserole

The letter of the week is E! To learn more about this exciting letter, A-Level made a casserole of eggs and eggplant. They helped to crack and whisk together the eggs. Then they enjoyed their creation of their E-letter foods for lunchtime!

Mother Goose Follies

D-Level put on another fantastically entertaining show for our children today. This show's theme was Follies. They performed and sang several different Follies, including classics such as "Jack Jump Over the Candlestick" and "London Bridge is Falling Down". Check out the video below to see the funny follies unfold for yourself. 

Green Eggs and Ham

D-level celebrated Dr.Seuss' birthday this month by reading many of his great rhyming books (also the theme for March).  They cooked a classic treat from one of their favorite books, Green Eggs and Ham. They practiced cracking eggs and whisking everything together. It was delicious and now they can say "I do like green eggs and ham, Sam-I-Am!"

Animals and Habitats

February's theme was Animals and Habitats. The students participated in many fun and educational projects including a visit from the ZooMobile earlier this month! A couple classes also participated in a Habitat Challenge, using extra materials found at MGS to create an interactive habitat. Please check out C-Level's creation below, a river habitat with so many opportunities to learn from!

Fun Fruit Critters

This Friday, Mother Goose students had the chance to create their own tasty (and crawly) snacks! They used fruits to create caterpillars, snails, butterflies, and spiders. They had a great time making their snacks look fun. And an even better time eating them after!

Health and Nutrition

January's monthly theme was Health and Nutrition. To help us learn about the different food groups and making healthy choices, the classes participated in various cooking projects. A Level learned how to make toast with jelly. C Level made their own sandwiches for lunchtime. And E Level students brought in a variety fruits to make a fruit salad. Our students love to learn about the foods they eat and make tasty treats!