Our Vision

Here at Mother Goose School we value our community of learners. We believe in fostering positive social emotional learning to build a positive school climate that will allow for our children to grow academically.


We are a resourceful, flexible community of learners and partners for the benefit of the family and school community in a nurturing partnership.

  • We use positive communication in our partnership between staff and family to guide your child’s development and offer educational and social-emotional opportunities to enable us to grow together
  • We help each other learn about our students. This enables us to become more proficient in fostering growth and independent thought and action in our children.

Social Emotional Learning

We believe in helping children to build positive relationships through social-emotional & self-regulation skills.

  • We empower children to explore their interests and support safe risk taking to strengthen confidence and competence.
  • We support children in their development of internal motivation and independent problem solving.

School Climate/Environment

Our semi-structured, inclusive preschool environment is based on trusting and respectful relationships among students and adults.

  • We want to provide an environment to match your child’s developmental abilities by providing realistic expectations with appropriate challenges.
  • We value consistency between home and School environments for the benefit of each child. 
  • Above all, our goal for School is to have fun!


Our curriculum features a variety of essential skill building activitiesthat develop a foundation supporting success for children in public and private elementary schools.

  • This includes literacy, social studies, math, science, (garden, cooking, health & nutrition) the arts (music, movement, dance, drama, listening and speaking skills) and dramatic, sensory and creative play.