Parent Info 


Please notify Mother Goose School in the morning if your child will be staying
home due to illness. Please keep your child at home if:

* he/she has a fever or has had one during the previous 24 hour period.
* he/she is taking antibiotic for less than 48 hours.
* he/she has heavy nasal discharge.
* he/she has a constant cough.
* he/she has diarrhea.
* he/she is fussy, cranky, or generally not him or herself.
* he/she has symptoms of a communicable disease (these include sniffles,
 reddened eyes, sore throat, headache, abdominal pain, and/or a fever.)

If your child has a communicable disease, it is important that you inform
Mother Goose School immediately.  Mother Goose School has a responsibility to
contact other parents and the Health Department regarding some diseases.

Illnesses Which Require Exclusion

  • Chicken Pox - Until all lesions are crusted
  • Conjunctivitis - Until 48 hours after diagnosed and treated by a physician
  • Head Lice - Pediculocide treatment required; remove ALL nits (eggs attached to hair follicles)
  • Measles - Medical release required.  Immediately advise parents of other children to consult their physician

Additional Information

Nap Time - Classes

Our schedule keeps children busy, and at this age children need to sleep or at least rest in preparation for the afternoon.  If you need to pick-up a child early, please notify the office before 11:30 so that your child does not go into the nap room.  

A blanket should be brought with the child on his/her first day, clearly labeled with
his/her name.  These are kept at school and washed on the premises weekly or as
needed. Children in Level D have a quiet/rest time after their lunch recess.


Please let us know if your child will be leaving Mother Goose School on an
extended vacation so the teachers can plan accordingly.


  • Keep it simple with your child's interest in mind. 
  • Less is more for young children, too much activity can be frustrating.
  • Everyone needs reminders to RSVP.
  • Parent participation: Get parents to help, your party will run more smoothly.
  • Goodie bags: Useful and educational trumps junk!